Monday, August 13, 2012

Calrec's Hydra2 To Uncover Third-party Formation Demos At IBC2012

At IBC2012, Calrec will showcase Hydra2's aptitude to correlate with third-party manage and prolongation industrialisation equipment.

To give broadcasters a clarity of Hydra2's prospective as a networking solution, the demo will present a unfolding same to how it would be used in an real prolongation environment.

Demonstrating the Calrec Serial Protocol will be a Ross switcher emulator in conjunction with Ross Overdrive technology, that will enable for prominence in to and third-party manage over a number of Calrec audio console settings such as fader position, PFL and cut manage for paths on faders, routing to auxes from faders, outlay turn manage for auxes, routing to mains from faders, principal outlay level/fader control, and LB/RB submit switching for paths on faders.

The SW-P-08 protocol will soak up a accumulation of third-party router panels - inclusive Evertz, Nvision, and LSB's Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) - to denote remote manage over input-to-output crosspoint patching. In add-on to send routing of earthy inputs to outputs, it can moreover highway to and from a console DSP around Calrec's Hydra Patchbays.

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