Monday, August 13, 2012

How Do You Like Your Nexus 7?

If you systematic a Google Nexus 7 inscription early, you've already had it for a couple of weeks.

How do you similar to it?

I'm funny about mine. It's swift and slick, a indeed modernized mobile device with a well-tuned mobile OS. I'm running all my necessary apps on it: Instapaper, Google Reader, Rdio, Kindle, Words With Friends. The insufficient of SD and HDMI ports and the no show of 4G connectivity do not bug me at all. It's the correct size to use absolutely in roughly every situation, and we bring it with me many places, possibly in my trek or in the back slot of my jeans.

My iPad, by contrast, frequency ever leaves the house. The battery on my e-ink Kindle is may deceased - we wouldn't know, we haven't checked it in over a month.

In my eyes, the Nexus 7 has altered all about 7-inch tablets. All Android device manufacturers have a new benchmark to target for, and the tea leaves say Apple is prepping a not as big iPad , too. The Nexus 7′s $200 cost and connection to Google's Play store is of course weighing heavily on Amazon - the firm is believed to be revamping the similarly-priced Fire to improved vie , and it's stretched its video streaming service to iPads .

Most importantly, this is the initial time I've seen such a winning multiple of price, capability, opening and size in a tablet. The seven-incher has indeed arrived.

Bold claims for sure. Maybe in 6 months or a year, somebody will hurl this post back in my face and we can all have a great giggle at my expense. But may be not.

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