Wednesday, August 15, 2012 To Broach IBC2012 Gathering Keynote

International recording artist, technologist, investor and Intel's executive of imaginative enhancement will broach the IBC2012 keynote, Friday, Sept. 7, at the RAI Amsterdam Forum.

The speech, "Creativity and Technology Forces Combine - Transcend the Barriers of Convention and Rethink What Can Be Achieved," is segment of a session, co-hosted by Johan Jervøe, VP Partner Marketing at Intel, that promises to be thought-provoking.

"We wish people to rethink what they think is possible," says seven-time Grammy Award leader "I'm always considering about tomorrow. What are the new beats? What is the new music? What will people like? What will you be able of doing? Technology allows us to enlarge the ideas, enlarge the creativity, and find new ways of elucidate the problems and honestly beginning living in those future tomorrows, and that's what I wish to share at IBC."

Engaging his fans around amicable media whilst on tour, or starring in top-rated radio programs, is an proficient user of amicable media tools. Broadcasters in attendance IBC2012 find themselves at the core of a multi-screen observation subversion that is witnessing a thespian change in the way many viewers element their TV observation experience with calm existing around the Internet on their media tablets and smartphones.

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