Sunday, August 19, 2012

University Offers Done 'in Error'

Almost 400 students who were told they were getting a place at the University of Ulster have had their withoout conditions offers cold inside of hours as they were done in error.

Only the Jordanstown Campus School of Engineering is affected. Its dean, Prof Richard Millar, has apologised.

He mentioned those affected would be contacted.

Speaking to BBC Radio Ulster's Nolan Show, Prof Millar mentioned an email was sent to all field by mistake.

He mentioned 370 students had been sent emails of acceptance, when in reality usually 180 places were available.

"This email went out to all live field in the network in any case of what outcome they had achieved," he said.

"We routinely carried out the (acceptance) routine by postal service and this is the initial time you had attempted this new network of information with field by email.

"Clearly things have vanished incorrect and that's something you would wish to put correct and you will put extra checks in place to make sure that this is not repeated."

He updated that the inapplicable designation was cramped to the a faculty. The University of Ulster has campuses in Belfast, Jordanstown, Coleraine and in Londonderry.

Prof Millar mentioned it would be unfit to agree to all those who practical due to appropriation reasons and earthy space limitations.

"I would admire to be in a incident where you could discuss it these applicants, yes, you will mount over this and honour this, however that is not going to happen."

He suggested that those affected should guard their position on the UCAS follow website , where their last preference will be posted.

The university's vice-chancellor, Richard Barnett, moreover apologised is to mistake, on Friday night, and mentioned the priority was to work with those affected to "remove the upset that this university has unnecessarily caused".

He mentioned the university was "working through" the issue on an particular basis.

"We are traffic with 34,000 applications in this university, you are traffic with 370 here," he said.

"It is comparatively small, but for each a of those people I agree to it is a catastrophic situation.

"I and this university have let them down.

"We will work with them to look for to correct that situation, but the most appropriate answer for those people is not indispensably to say 'yes advance onto the course', since it is no great at all surroundings young people up for failure."

Embar r assing

Conleth Hendron, from Crumlin, County Antrim, mentioned he has been left ashamed by the error.

"I put it up on Facebook about an hour or so after I listened I got in. I wrote, 'great feeling knowing I got two withoout conditions offers'," he said.

"Now everybody knows about it and right away I'm going to have to put something up to say I didn't obtain agreed that is type of embarrassing.

"I got an email about it, but that's unequivocally impersonal, I'd rsther than they ring me privately and say they are remorseful and offer a few superintendence or help to obtain me back on follow again."

Another person who contacted the BBC said: "I do not regard it's on, I regard they should be station by their withoout conditions offer.

"I had fill-in skeleton if I had not got the grades to obtain in to university, but I have contacted them to say I had got onto this march and I am right away left with nothing.

"They must be mount by what they have told us, they can't return on their word."

The Stormont practice minister, Stephen Farry, mentioned the matter was of "huge concern".

"I have oral to the vice-chancellor of the University of Ulster, Richard Barnett, to demonstrate my concerns and to discuss how the complaint may be most effectively addressed.

"I have moreover consecrated an obligatory inform from my own officials and will go on to guard this incident closely.

"My subdepartment will do all you can to assist, however, you need the university to evidently settle the precise border of the complaint and how they intend to residence it and, after that, to make sure that a identical incident will not come about again."

John Carberry, from the examination results helpline overseen by UCAS, mentioned he longed for to try to encourage those affected and suggest them of other options available.

"There are still lots of places around on the university system," he said.

"There are places in open space and I would titillate people to ponder universities in Scotland and England, nonetheless I realize this may have implications from a financial indicate of view."

Any person submitting application to the School of Engineering who has not received an refurbish by 24 August, is asked to meeting the university admissions helpline on 028 7028 7028.

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