Friday, August 24, 2012

Trilogy Introduces Powerful, Adjustable Safety With Watchdog

To give rare trustworthiness in vicious timing and anxiety signals, Trilogy Broadcast has introduced Watchdog, a modular SPG changeover system. Watchdog is an addition to Trilogy’s Mentor XL sync beat generator of electric power with SNMP encouragement for interfacing to program administration systems providing present monitoring and manage remotely. Watchdog is a card-based showing and changeover system, permitting full adaptableness with any multiple of active showing and pacifist switching options. Each card can guard principal and backup signals for a operation of anxiety signals, inclusive SDI assessment patterns and together with black and burst, AES, LTC and tri-level sync. The Watchdog showing cards are smart sufficient to automatically establish the submit format, and to compare the high quality and accuracy of the two inputs not only participation or absence.

The cards are used in 1U or 2U typical frames, that allows for intricate switching systems to be assembled with multiple cards, or is to switched outputs to be routed to placement amplifiers in the same unit, saving shelve space and cabling. The 2U frame moreover accepts surplus power reserve for an extra covering of resilience.

A typical setup would consist of two Mentor XL SPGs and a Watchdog Changeover with a selection of cards and a program manage network for configuration, monitoring and remote control.

Watchdog will be rigourously launched at IBC2012. It will be demonstrated to one side the Mentor XL SPG and Trilogy’s intercom products on mount 10.A29.

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