Saturday, August 18, 2012

PlayBox Plays At PCTV

PCTV operates two supervision channels and a informative duct from its services at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, WA. The PCTV chief manage room includes 3 PlayBox Technology AirBox playout servers and a singular Capture Box. The PlayBox servers use integrated automation, that controls not usually the servers systems, but the trickery routing and bequest equipment.

Overseen by the Rainier Communications Commission (RCC), a mild of Pierce County and cities and towns inside of the county, PCTV creates and manages supervision access programming is to area. It maintains a active prolongation schedule, inclusive "Pierce County News," a weekly headlines module constructed in its studio, and "Rainier Country," an Emmy-nominated newsmagazine. PCTV moreover provides coverage of supervision meetings for Pierce County and 6 local cities. Programming is existing around line radio and at .

One critical necessity of the new chief manage was that it could finally passing from one to another to full HD-SDI. PCTV not long ago received declaration from Comcast that PCTV will be distributed in HD starting next year, so the must be able to change over is imminent. PlayBox Technologies’ concept playout technology will make that passing from one to another elementary when the time comes.

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