Saturday, August 18, 2012

PESA Routes Summer Games

Three weeks before the gap of the Summer Games in late July, patron service crew from PESA were on site at the International Broadcast Center (IBC) in London to encouragement the setup and setup of its routing switcher system, together with give practice for technical operators. PESA encouragement one after another via the games.

PESA’s Cheetah fiber-optic router played a poignant behind-the-scenes purpose in the placement of live and pre-recorded video feeds for local distribution, together with heavenly body feeds to the United States for re-broadcast. The router is formed on an 864 x864 frame - that was instrumental in high-definition announce signals in formerly years - populated with 816 x 800 persuade and 48 x 64 fiber. The network includes PESA’s UCI-2000 coordinator card that allows it to be tranquil via a Sony manage interface.

In addition, the Korean Broadcast System commissioned a full PESA system, moreover related to the principal IBC routing system, to encouragement its coverage. The KBS network includes a Cheetah 288 x 576 video router joined with a DRS audio router.

Designed to encouragement 24/7 routing requirements, the Cheetah line of routing switchers offers a far-reaching operation of frames and card configurations. All Cheetah frames underline hot-swappable modules together with redundant, load-sharing power reserve and higher air upsurge pattern for simpler service and higher reliability. DRS is a full-featured, 24-bit, 96 kHz distributed routing network that uses high-speed multiplexing technology instead of a crosspoint matrix form for audio and time ethics signals.

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