Thursday, August 23, 2012

Emmy-Nominated Production Sound Mixer Casts Sound Devices For Game Of Thrones

Sound Devices is a Staple in Ronan Hill’s Production Sound Rigs

BELFAST, N. IRELAND, AUGUST 23, 2012 - Emmy-nominated Production Sound Mixer Ronan Hill, now on set is to third period of HBO’s Game of Thrones , has once once again tapped digital audio recorders from Sound Devices to help record discourse and surroundings is to fast-paced thespian series. The company’s 788T tape deck has turn a foundation in his cart-based and unstable sound rigs.

Game of Thrones , a Gothic daydream radio array combined for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, is an adjustment of A Song of Ice and Fire , George R. R. Martin's array of daydream novels chronicling the aroused dynastic struggles amid a few eminent family groups for manage of the Iron Throne. With a disposition tally of more than 300, a conventional Game of Thrones stage can have more than 10 leading characters speaking. In demand to keep ADR to a minimum, Hill is tasked with capturing all the discourse on place together with recording ambiance.

A constant patron of Sound Devices, Hill initial used a 744T tape deck is to underline drive-in theatre Kings and Hunger , that warranted IFTAs (Irish Film and Television Award) for Best Sound. He moreover used the 744T to record Five Minutes of Heaven and The Eclipse , that moreover garnered IFTA nominations.

Hill used Sound Devices 788T on the initial period of Game of Thrones , that won CAS and IFTA nominations for Best Sound. At the beginning of period two, Hill invested in a Sound Devices 788T-SSD, that became his main tape deck on the cart, with the 744T used as a cart-based, two-channel backup. His original 788T became his dedicated unstable run-and-gun tape deck and is propitious with a Sound Devices CL-8 blending controller. It is always on stand-by for when Hill is on-location.

Hill’s supply consists of Sennheiser MKH 60s and an MKH 70 outward and often MKH 50s for interiors. The show, essentially shot in Northern Ireland, takes place in a lot of remote and hard-to-reach locations. Through his reign on the series, Hill has encountered all environmental conditions; inclusive impassioned chilled in period one and a whirly in period two. On many of these on-location shoots he relies on Audio Ltd. radio mics and DPA 4071 lavalier mics to give siege from the environmental conditions. Hill moreover uses Audio Ltd. 2040 radio mics with an RK6 (six-channel radio rack) on his barrow and one or two RK3s (three-channel radio racks) in his unstable setup, so he can rapidly go from barrow to portable.

The cart-based 788T-SSD is moreover propitious with a Sound Devices CL-8, that allows inputs one and two (the bang and lav mix) to be churned to the left duct to create a prolongation blend for article and dailies. No audio is available at the camera. Hill moreover has a Sound Devices CL-WIFI, that is really utilitarian for track-naming, amid other benefits.

Game of Thrones is shot on the ARRI ALEXA. The time-code on all cameras and recorders is set to 23.976 fps. The 788T-SSD's rock-steady time-code lends itself to being the chief time-code generator. The ALEXA binds time-code well, and if tangled after a frame-rate change or the battery is private for too long, sync problems are averted.

"I have always found the Sound Devices recorders to be really flexible, arguable and user friendly, but many of all they sound fantastic," says Hill. "They obtain used in all conditions and always perform well. we can’t wait for to listen to what they advance up with next."

The Sound Devices 788T boasts 8 full-featured inputs and archives up to 12 tracks. It accepts possibly microphone or line-level signals, provides 48-V haunt power for condenser microphones, offers summit limiters for microphone inputs and features entirely tractable high-pass filters-all in a condensed package.Based on the 788T, the Sound Devices 788T-SSD includes a factory-supplied 256-GB solid-state hard drive, permitting for higher opening in the field.

Sound Devices CL-8 is a absolute blending manage aspect for its 788T recorder. Its considerable rotary faders and pull buttons bring endless mixer-type manage to 788T inputs. The lightweight CL-8 may be used possibly mounted or remote from the 788T. The Sound Devices CL-WIFI allows users to manage the already absolute 788T from wherever on set. CL-WIFI functions together with its confidante iOS program app to enable iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches to manage a related 788T. The CL-WIFI turns an iOS device in to a simple, unstable manage surface, enabling a sound mixer to pierce around on set, divided from the sound cart, whilst still maintaining endless manage and monitoring of the 788T recording system.

Sound Devices, LLC designs and manufactures unstable audio mixers, digital recorders and related audio apparatus for underline film, episodic television, documentary, news-gathering, and acoustical assessment and dimensions applications. The thirteen-year-old firm designs and manufactures from its Reedsburg, Wisconsin, domicile with extra offices in Madison, WI, and Highland Park, IL. For more information, revisit the Sound Devices website .

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