Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dead Island's Backbone Was Co-op, 4 Million Units Shipped

"This is because you got all the great reviews from users. This is because you got high user ratings, because it is the many interesting commune experience that is on the market," Eickmeyer said.

Despite investing reduction than $25 million dollars in the plan - low for a leading triple-A video diversion - Dead Island has been played for 56,907,547 hours in co-op, that is roughly 6,500 years total.

After the success of the trailer, there were talks of combining the diversion around that, but there simply weren't the resources. Dead Island showed burly promising in its co-op, so the concentration shifted to that and that diversion was a outrageous hit. Dead Island: Riptide is other "huge commune experience" being suggested this week at Gamescom.

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