Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blackmagic Posts Cinema Camera RAW Files

As the day is to let go Blackmagic's Cinema Camera approaches, the questions DSLR shooters are asking, is what do the cinema look like? The camera will give the DSLR shooters the initial chance to use a few actual shade grading, rsther than than gentle shade correction. Since the launch at NAB, the camera has remained somewhat a mystery, save is to graded pool shark shots from John Brawley expelled late July.

Blackmagic has launched a new forum for customers to pick up and share knowledge. The gap post from Grant Petty archives "We have combined this forum to enable people to talk with any other and to pick up and obtain recommendation from a few of the enchantingly gifted people who work in the radio and movie industries and take the time to post here."One of the initial postings is RAW CinemaDNG shots from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera for download. Taken from the John Brawley assessment shots, they will enable DoPs to guess the actual prospective of the camera.

Visitors to IBC should be saying the new camera, along with the many aftermarket paraphernalia that are already available.

The new forum moreover includes a posting to a download of Resolve 9, beta 3.

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