Sunday, August 19, 2012

BlackBerry 10 To Integrate Social Networking In To Contacts

One of the a few features approaching to be present in the BlackBerry 10 stage is the skill to manifestation amicable networking and other information about your contacts and put them all together in a singular location. This means that not usually it will uncover your friend's phone number and email address, but moreover his ultimate tweets, Facebook position updates, and other nitty-gritty sum about his online life.

The arriving mobile OS will moreover have enterprise-specific features, such as displaying future meetings scheduled with a specific contact.

If these features seem aware to you, it is since these have already been employed on the Motorola Droid , and Android 2.0-powered smartphone debuted back in 2009. You have listened it right: design the BB10 to confederate some of Android's kindness in to their arriving platform.

It is really coherent that RIM is surroundings its sights on the contest for some inspiration. With some of the Android-esque capabilities approaching to be present on the BlackBerry 10, you consternation either the stage will moreover steal functions from iOS and Windows Phone.

The new BlackBerry 10 platform, along with its flagship handsets, are set to entrance in early 2013.

Source: Reuters , around Information Week

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