Thursday, August 23, 2012

BikeCharge Dynamo System

Bikes are really available to use for those who instruct to journey at partial distances. It is even a more eco-friendly means of ride together with a healthier journey choice given it gives people a few sufficient indispensable exercise when going places. Why not make improved use of the depleted appetite when biking by having the BikeCharge Dynamo System commissioned to generated electric power as well?

The BikeCharge Dynamo System is a useful unstable device that you can setup in a bike to supply power for its lights. While dynamos for bikes are not wholly new, many of them only help supply power is to built-in lights that the device often comes with. The BikeCharge Dynamo provides other novel features such as a means to assign your device as the generator of electric power produces physical phenomenon from pedal power. BikeCharge comes with two USB ports, one is to light's remote manage and other that provides 3W value of 5-volt power to assign gadgets related to it. While it can only supply power whilst one continues to pedal on a bike, the device may be really useful only the same, particularly when one needs a few crisis power for a mobile phone or other unstable gadgets whilst going on a biking trip. The BikeCharge Dynamo System is available at BikeConsole for US$100.

Image Source: BikeConsole

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