Thursday, August 23, 2012

Belden Starts Miranda Integration

Over the past 4 years Belden, Inc. , traditionally a announce audio and video line provider, has expansion its wings and subtly acquired a number of companies that have right away done it a undoubted wordless hulk amid announce apparatus suppliers. The buy of Miranda Technologies , with its innumerable of vigilance processing, manifestation and placement products, was voiced in June.

With this ultimate contract right away complete, Belden will shortly announce skeleton to pierce the production operations of its Telecast Fiber Systems section (based in Worcester, Mass.) to Belden’s not long ago acquired Miranda Technologies services in Montréal, Canada. The move, that will outcome in a shrinking of a few staff, is segment of Belden’s formation skeleton for its many non-cable divisions-which right away add GarrettCom, Hirschman, Lumberg Automation, and Politron-to show off its expanding resources and combine surplus actions opposite the product lines.

Belden produces and sells a thorough portfolio of cable, connectivity and networking products in to a accumulation of markets, inclusive industrial, enterprise, broadcast, transportation, appetite and consumer electronics.

"Within weeks of the Miranda acquisition, Belden is relocating to broach worth by providing seamless product solutions to Miranda and Telecast customers," mentioned Steve DeFrancesco, clamp boss and broad executive of Telecast Fiber Systems at Belden. DeFrancesco has led the emigration efforts and has been coordinating the move. "To this end, the phased integration, already underway, will precedence the technology, RD, and production capabilities of the amalgamated enterprise."

The firm would not criticism on when the emigration of Telecast’s operations would be completed, but Telecast sent out a memo to its key customers and dealers that the pierce would streamline production at Telecast and outcome in products being shipped faster than formerly from its services in Worcester (where it has been located given the firm was founded in 1991). Telecast creates fiber-optic conversion and delivery products, used by local stations for newsgathering and track infrastructures. The firm has not long ago branched out in to multi-display video technology.

A deputy for Belden/Miranda mentioned the Worcester office, that houses Telecast Fiber Systems and sister firm Mohawk Cable, would sojourn open after the emigration is complete, with organizational and sales actions stability is to foreseeable future.

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