Friday, August 17, 2012

Aqua Kitty, And More Of The PlayStation Mobile Launch Lineup

Some engaging games add Aqua Kitty , about training for divert beneath the sea to feed kittens, whilst sharpened antagonistic sea monsters - you did say engaging ! Passing Time is a pixelated soccer diversion by Honeyslug in that you manage the passing, shooting, and fireballs of instead unconstrained soccer players. Frederic - Resurrection of Music is a stroke action diversion about a resurrected Frederic Chopin fighting waves of enemies, tranquil by an onscreen keyboard. And Panic is about developing blockades to keep an invading muck beast from eating people.

See more games on the site, including, of course, Super Crate Box . So far, PlayStation Mobile is moulding up to be unequivocally odd, that is great news.

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