Monday, August 13, 2012

T-VIPS CP524 TS Adapter To Launch At IBC2012

T-VIPS has voiced the IBC launch of the CP524 TS Adapter, that supports multi-stream (any submit to any output), remultiplexing, and adjustable format conversion.

The CP524 has been written to encounter the mandate of operators and service providers for adjustable repacking, and smoothness of calm for multi-part finish points. The CP524’s filtering and remultiplexing features capacitate operators to save profitable bandwidth. Pre-production models have been successfully trialed at operators’ sites and the product is right away ready to ship.

The adapter’s pattern should make it renouned with:

Broadcast service providers that offer radio grant and placement services

IP network operators gift managed video services

Satellite network operators for grant to heavenly body uplink sites

Terrestrial network operators is to first placement of ATSC, DVB-T and DVB-T2 signals.

The accumulation of network infrastructures used in the announce attention currently has led to stepping up urge for network adaption and conversion between formats and interfaces. The CP524 solves these issues, for up to 4 ride streams, by gift absolute network adaption between ASI, IP, SONET/SDH and SMPTE 310.

In add-on to providing conversion between interfaces, the CP524 provides absolute TS estimate capabilities that are easy to use and configure. The CP524 is moreover versed with trustworthiness features such as hitless switching with farrago reception, service fallback and T-VIPS Embedded Redundancy Control (TERC) to make sure 100-percent uptime, even in the box of serious parcel or couple loss.

The CP524 is segment of T-VIPS’ cProcessor toolbox, that creates TS estimate elementary and delivers flexible, cost-effective interfacing to announce and IP-based networks.

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